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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  June 25, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the perry hall man accused of fraudulentll selllng millions of dollars in renewable energy credits mayy have to pay all thht money back. today jurors heard closing arguments in the prosecutors said hailey - sold more than 9-million dollars in credits for bio- diesel that his comppny did not produce. the case is one of several that have lead to calls for a review off the environmental protection agency program. a judge could rule this week
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whether charges should be dropped agaanst anne arundel county executive john leopold. crime and justice reporter joy lepola takes a closer look at the case. 3 some --- maybb all--- of the state's charges against anne arundel county executive john leopold may e dropped. and, this week. ((vo)) in court, leopold's attorney rgued... the county executive did not break any laws... when he used his taxpayer-funded security detail to help in his campaigning efforts. last week judge dennis sweeney.... told prosecutoos he found parts of the ndictment troubling. 13:14:47 you can not proseccte people for matters that are the question is hat did he do that's broken the law? if judge sweeny decides to allow the charges to staad.... leopold's trial will be lepola ffx 45 news at 5:30. opponents of same-sex marriage...deliver another batch of signatures tostate effortsto have
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voters deeide theissue this fall. opponents dropped off24 more boxes of siinatuuesfrom all nearly 40-thousandadditional signatures. that's on top of 113-thhusandalready submitted. the geneeal assemblypassed a bill legalizingsame sex marriage.but opponents are trying to block the measure from becommng law. (mccoy) "we're not against any group of people, we're nott very core of our society and the very fabric of our society." &peleccions is still reviewing thousands ofother signatures alreadysubmitteddthe boord is questionsometime next month.t &pstate lawmakers wereelanningg tooreturn toannapolis two weeks from today...for a special session on gamblinn.but that's been puuoo lawmakers failed to reach a john rydell...that's upset
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some localunion leaddrs... leaders... (rydell) "there are no plans forthat special gaming commission torecoovene this week and that means a prospect for a special session appears dim,,but it hasn't stopped local labor leaders from holding a rally in efforts to convince lawmakers to change their mind.""the reality is bickering in annapolis, the politics going on and the games." (rydell) " the 3 3 3 3
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the army private charged in the biggest leak of secrets in u-s history is pressing prosscutors for evidence he hopes will bolster his defense. defense.private first class bradley mannnng is set to appear at a pretrial hearing today at fort meade. mmnning is seeking reports rom various government agencies his alleged leak of classified documents to the secret-sharing weesite wiki- &pleaks. manning also is asking the military judge to postpone his septembbr triall date. the mother of a baltimore county teen killed during a fight with an off duty officer is demanding the cop be arrested.. been transformed into a as -
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the 17 year old died uring a confrontation with an off duty officer in randallstown. the cause of death: asphyxiation. its been en ddys and still no arrest. christopher's mother says investigators aae giving their fellow officer...special treatment. (mom)"if it was the average joe blow or christopher.. he would actually be behind bars riiht now.. now..(police response)"the investigation for this case is &pstiil in process we are in th middle of it.. weve made a lot on paid administrative leave - as the investigation into the homicide continues. the united states supreme court strikes down parts f arizona'ssimmigration law,, leaving only the "checkkyour papers" part.this requires state and local police to perform roadside checks of people they've stopped or detained ii a quote, "reassnable suspicion" exists they arr in the counnry illegal. illegally.fed up with illegal immigrants crossing from
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mexico... republican governor jan brewer signed the arizona immigration law on prii 23, 2010.the federal ggvernment sued, saying ariiona overreached..oday the supreme court said while arizona is understandably frustrated with the proolems caused by illegal immigration... the tate may not pursue policies that undermine feddral law. 1:02-1:19"our brave men and women in uniform have been trainee so that they are able to enforce this law in harmooy with the vely, and - constitution. civil rights will be protected. racial profiling will not be tolerated" polerated."nowwthe hottbutton issue of immigration bounces back into the political arena administration says the enforcement agenda and decides who s removed froo the united states.while rrpublican presidential candddate mitt romney commentee by criticizing the obama
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policy. supreme courttruling on the e affordable care act. florida challenged the conssitutionality of the law saying tte federal government ovvrstepped its authority with thee"individual mandate" - that's the centrallprovision of theelaw requirinn moot americans to purchaae hhalth insurance by 2014 or pay a financiil penalty.republicans have already said they'll pursue step-by-step reforms to replace the law no matter what the court decides. a new miss maayland has bben &pcrowned. 20-year-old joanna guy was crowned miss maryland yesterday and will now go on to represent our state in the miss america pageant nextt year. guy, who is from garrett county, beat out 23 other contestants...winning the interview preliminary competitions. she will receiiee a 10-thousand ddllar scholarship. how are the roads looking tonig? toniiht?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. report.
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mapbelair 295 3 fiber map 3 8953 map 3 & caught with his hand in the cookie jar... and hat a
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cookie jar it is.what rescue creww had to do to free this boy. 3and tropical storm debby.. wreaking havoc down in florida. we'll have the latest on the damage. 3 p-adblib weather tz---
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just being felt in outh t florida.she's making waves as paa north as the panhandle. panhannle.laura hussey from our sisser station w-e-a-r-tv joins us live from fortwalton's ii looking there? we've had a very
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windy, gray day at this beachh park between ft.walton and the strong northhwwnd has laid this surffdown alot.....waves are breaking at a max of about three feet.....versus thhseven foot waves pounding on the beach yesterday. that poundinggsurf &pcaused quite a bii of erosion there are some properties there where in recent years, we'veactually seen waves crashing into buulddngs. not so bad this time......oastal engineers are saying when the wavespull back, they might actually leave some saad on the beach. the ther big worry has been rip currents. yesterday the water was completely closee at this park. today, the red flags are warnnng people to stay out. the beach safety chiefftells ripcurrentt. tropical storms haveebeen known to stir up debris like ccunks of concrete or even tree trunks. suggested queetions:the gulf is much different from the atlannic oast, how does what we'reseeing now differ from
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what a normal ay on theegulf looks like? it's a somber day for fans of host lex trebeck.candace dold has the lateet entertainment news for todays lowdown lowdoon michael jackson passsed away three years ago today.he dded from carddac arrest in 2009. the l-a coroner ruled it aa homicide ... and his doctor, conrad murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. murray has been behind bars since november.... and must
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serve two years out of his four-year sentenne in jail. michael's brothers jackii, jermaine, marlon, and ito are michael's memory alive through their jackson's "unity tour". it'sscoming to baltimore this's ideo from their stop in canada.nats: gone too soon you can see images of michael are featured in the the way, jermaine will take michael's placc in their hit bringing "the unity tour" to &pthe modell performing arts center at the lyric on sunday. pickets aae still available at get into the ssow for free. live nation sent us tickets to give away to you.stay ttned to fox 45 morning news.we will give thhm away to you this wednesdaa through friday. in other entertainment news... long-time "jeopardy" host alex treeek i recovering todayy..
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after suffering a mmld heart attack. the 711year-old was admitted to a los angeles aree hospital... saturday.this happened on the same day that jeopardy won a daytime eemy award for outstanding game show.alex will be back on set phen "jeopardy" resumes next month. i'm candace dold and that's your lowdown. 3 1:21-1:26"ultimately want to superman, or batman." batman."a baltimoreeman puts his inspiration toopaper ii a storr to his kids had to do with it. 3 ---dbllb weather tz-- p, a teen literally gets caught
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red-handed trying to steal a soda... too faa into a vvnding machine - in an diego saturday... and it became seriously wedged. paramedics came to the ... and rescce... and after sawiig through the machine... the teen was freed.he now faces petty theft charges. 3 3 a cooler day today... thunderstorms in the area. chief meteorologist vytas reid has more....
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when news breaks.. you can access the latest informatiin right on your cell phone. doonload the fox45 mobile news app for your droid or i-phone. p it includee headlines.. traffic.. and weather onditions.. aal at your fingertips. go to foxbaltimore dot com and look for "mobile" at top righthand cornerrof the screen. 3 flipping a ccin for an olympic punners hhve to decide who se - &pgoes to in sports...
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buck howalter's probably thinking aaout one thing, and -3 one thing only.getting his team out of it's offensive slum. need to panic... o's are in 2nd... two-and-a-half
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the a-l east.but the lack of offense is noticcable... .in scored just 10 runssalarmingg.. with runners in scorinn position... at one point in yesterday's win with the nats... the o's were 1-for-33 in those situations.... dating down to great opposing pitching... something that willlnever go away. &p heads or tails?that 50-50 answers could determine the olympic fate or two runners.. ddring the 100-meter trials finale.... jen-ah-ma tar-moe and allyson felix tied for 3rd
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with a photo finish.problemm is... nll 3 will go in this pvent representinggteam u-s-a in the london was unfamiliar terriotry for the uus olympic committee... so from one offthe followin nner - options..the runners can choose a coin toss or run off. if they pick diffeeent options... it will be a run &poff.if they decide to not pic an option... it will be a coin toss..the sprinterr are training partners... if they pick run off... it will happen after all ooympii trails sunday. miguel tejada asked for and granted his release frrm the o's...and michhel phelps tries to qualify for the 440 i-m...that's at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unlimited tonight... --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 -3 a bed time story he made up
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for his three sons has become a comic book career foo a baltimore authorr and now tte main character haa been named one of the most impressive in theelast decade. joel d. smith shows us why "jaycen wise" could be the what makes him very different from the rest. rest. by day he's a mild mannered graphic designer... buu by night heetravels through time aa an immortal warrior for good. he is...... fictional. but it'' almoot the life of pather of three boyss one night he toll them a bedtime thought of nammd... jayccn -
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wise. 3040 as kids will do, they wanted to know more about the character, and i didn't always have the answer, ii ad to devellop ttis intricate back and thatts how jason wise was born :13wise is an acronym for wisdom. intellegence. strength. nd endurance. some of the same attributes other superheroesshave... with ooe &pbig change. 3318 spiderman, batman its great... but its aa experience when its someonee that looks like you. tyler wanted to crrate a black character for his kids, and jaycen wise has been recently named among the 25 mostt momentous blackkcharacters eeer..500 there's a actually have ppl constantly writing me asking when the pext jaycen wise book cooing out. when is the animation coming out, when is the live action fiim./ 3518 it's not at that level yet, but it can bbnk. because of today's - printing and onlinn technnlogy anyone can create something new wwthout spending thousands on printing and storage
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costs..... if the customer wants one, they can have just one.3315 ultimately want to be mentioned in same breeth as ssperman, or battan, any of these iconic heroes, that's whht i want for jason wiseone day soon, his night job will becomm his main job. in northwest baltimore, jjel d. smith, fox 45 news at ten. 3 thht's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family feud" is next.and we'll be bbak tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and thee late ediiion at 11... &p11...we'll see you later. later.
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